World Candle Congress illuminates business opportunities

According to the National Candle Association, the World Candle Congress, held in Hollywood, Fla. July 8-11, attracted more than 500 candle manufacturers and suppliers to the triannual event to trade information, insights and innovations.

The event, which featured technical presentations, a tradeshow and a plenary session, drew industry professionals from 30 countries ranging from Canada to South Africa.

Some of the overarching topics discussed were global petroleum crude refineries, paraffin wax, wick and burn performance, fragrance evaluation, Fischer Tropsch waxes and safety and regulatory compliance requirements. Dr. Rachel Herz, a cognitive neuroscientist, delivered a presentation on olfactory perception and cognition.

The World Candle Congress was sponsored by the Latin American Candle Manufacturers Association and the National Candle Association.

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