Wichita retailer wins golden honor

The scent of freshly baked sugar cookies helped a Wichita, Kan., flooring retailer earn respect from its peers. 

Star Flooring, an independently owned shop in Wichita, Kan., took home the Gold Standard Award from the World Floor Covering Association.

The award includes a $5,000 check. 

“It is clear to me after reviewing multiple applicants that Star Flooring ‘left no stone unturned’ when it comes to the retail experience,” said Scott Humphrey, CEO of the WFCA. “Not only have they been recognized four years running in their largest daily as the No. 1 flooring retailer in the city, but they have completed a state-of-the-art store renovation with themed room settings, a children’s play space, and custom sample displays to keep everything clean and organized.”  

The store pipes in the scent of freshly baked sugar cookies to enhance the appeal of its kitchen showroom area. Also, the store's sales force is comprised predominantly of certified interior designers.

Allen Clouse, director of retail sales, Star Flooring, stated, “We are honored to receive the Gold Standard award from the WFCA. The foundation of our family-owned business is based on the very principles this award represents. We work hard to continuously improve, and I am proud that the team is being recognized by the WFCA.

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