Whitepaper examines the OPE market

General Transmissions, Inc. has released a new white paper examining the role of continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) in the U.S. outdoor power equipment (OPE) market.

Titled "Continuously Variable Transmissions Are Ready To Roll Into The Outdoor Power Equipment Market," the white paper looks into CVT technology, the likelihood of increased demand for it in the near future, and the potential it weilds for products like lawn tractors, snow throwers and self-propelled lawn mowers.

A belt-driven CVT, as the paper explains, involves the use of a drive belt and two pulleys to transfer engine speed to the drive components of OPEs. However, more sophisticated models are emerging.

According to General Transmissions, CVTs are already widely used in outdoor power sports equipment like snowmobiles and ATVs but have not caught on as much (yet) in OPE products.

Among the benefits listed of using CVTs are greater operating efficiency and maintenance-free operation.

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