Whirlpool unveils innovative induction oven

The Whirlpool Induction double oven freestanding range.

Whirlpool is coming out with an induction double oven freestanding range, designed to offer innovations in cooking consistency and efficient cooking technology.

The Whirlpool Induction oven includes special features such as its AccuHeat induction technology, which heats the magnetic cookware directly without warming the cooktop. Meanwhile, TimeSavor convection cooking distributes hot air more efficiently to seal in flavors.

"Providing consumers with products that help ease life's daily tasks at home is our primary goal," said Andrea Smith, product brand manager of Whirlpool brand cooking and kitchen suites. "Whether you're cooking dinner on a typical Monday night or hosting a lavish soiree for in-laws, the Whirlpool Induction double oven freestanding range takes the stress out of the kitchen. By offering advanced cooking technology and an efficient cleaning process, being the ultimate hostess is not an impossible feat."

Beyond its cooking technology, the oven includes a large capacity of 6.7 cu. ft., with a 2.5 cu. ft. upper oven and 4.2 cu. ft. lower oven to make room for multiple dish preparation. Additionally, the 11-inch, 3,700-watt induction boost element is reportedly capable of boiling up to 25 cups of water in half the time as a 12,500 BTU gas burner.

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