Weyerhaeuser to permanently close OSB mill

Forest products giant Weyerhaeuser will permanently close its idled Structurwood OSB mill in Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada. The mill has been idled since December 2007.

Weyerhaeuser still maintains a dimensional softwood lumber sawmill in Drayton Valley, which it continues to operate.

“Factors that led to the original decision to idle the Drayton Valley Structurwood mill -- the decline in the U.S. housing market and the high Canadian dollar -- have not changed since that decision,” said Phil Dennett, vp-strand technologies for Weyerhaeuser, in a statement.

“Weyerhaeuser is working with the Government of Alberta to find ways to enhance the viability of our remaining mills in the region,” Dennett added, including a further mill in Edison, Alberta.

The mill originally employed around 130 people -- some have moved to other areas of the Weyerhaeuser business, while some were given severance, the company said.

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