Weyerhaeuser celebrates 25 years of Parallam PSL

Parallam parallel strand lumber (PSL) came on the scene at the Expo 86 in Vancouver, British Columbia, and quickly left a mark on the building industry, according to Carlos Guilherme, VP engineered lumber products for Weyerhaeuser.

"The invention of Parallam was one of those building material breakthroughs that happen maybe once or twice in a generation," Guilherme said. "Engineers and scientists invented a new product that took a great building material -- wood -- and made it even better."

Federal Way, Wash.-based Weyerhaeuser manufactures Trus Joist Parallam using long, narrow wood veneer strips bonded together with adhesives in a press and microwave process. The material is free of knots and other defects, and has exceptional fastener holding capability.

One of the key benefits of Parallam is its strength, workability and ability to clear spans and open floor plans, according to Guilherme. It continues to allow architects and builders to use wood framing in structures that would have otherwise required concrete or steel.


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