Weiman cleans up nicely

A proliferation of specialty surfaces in the house — from stainless steel appliances to granite countertops to any number of glowing rectangles — means one thing: more specialty cleaners.

That’s the attitude at Gurnee, Ill.-based Weiman Products, which last month acquired several brands formerly in The Homax Group.

Mass merchants dominate cleaning product sales, but home improvement stores have an opportunity in the cleaning aisle, especially as the products continue to specialize, according to Weiman CEO Carl DeMasi.

“The overall market continues to grow, particularly the specialty cleaning sector,” he said. “Consumers are looking for advice, and the hardware store can provide that.”

Under the deal, Goo Gone, Magic, Stone Care International, OOPS! Paint Remover and Gonzo join the Weiman family of products, including the market-leading Weiman Cook Top Cleaner.

The company declined to reveal the terms of the deal. But DeMasi was open about the selling proposition of a specialty cleaning product. “They have to work,” he said. “Quality is No. 1. You need innovation. Not just another ‘me, too.’ ”

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