Weather Trends retail forecast

Temperatures in June 2013 will trend similar to last year for the United States as a whole, with warmer year-over-year temperatures on the East and West Coasts and cooler temperatures across the Central states. Seasonal warm weather categories will see the strongest demand along the East and West Coasts for the month overall, while the week leading up to the Independence Day holiday will be most favorable (warm and dry) in the West. Meanwhile, the Central states will be stuck in a cooler pattern during the latter half of the month, which will dampen seasonal category demand.

Compared with a very dry June 2012, this year will be much wetter from the Rockies to the Mid-Atlantic, which will result in stronger demand for indoor-related project items than last year. There will be an increased threat of severe weather across the Plains this year, which would increase home center traffic and demand for items such as chainsaws, plastic sheeting, plywood and other storm-related merchandise.

Last year, there were two tropical systems that brought flooding rain to Florida, increasing demand for items such as bleach, paint, plastic sheeting and desiccants. Tropical activity should be much less in June 2013, however, if any storms develop the greatest risk of impact would be along the Gulf Coast.

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