Weather Trends retail forecast

WTI expects October 2012 to be the coolest in three years, but still warmer than what is typical for this time of year. After a very warm start to the month on both coasts, colder weather will overspread much of the nation with the exception of the Southeast. October 2012 will be drier than last year with much less snowfall. Recall that an unusual early season snowstorm walloped the Northeast last year with up to 3 ft. of snow late in the month. Demand for snow removal products, such as snow blowers and shovels, will be weaker this year in the Northeast with demand for snow products confined to the Rockies.

The wettest area will be in the center of the nation with isolated severe weather in the South Central states during the middle of the month. Drier weather in the East and West will benefit seasonal outdoor DIY projects and lawn maintenance categories such as rakes, tarps and leaf blowers. Severe weather in the South Central states would increase demand for cleanup supplies. Wetter weather in the Central states will drive demand for seasonal grasses, mainly in areas affected by the summer drought where lawns are in need of reseeding. Cooler Octobers are often associated with less hurricane activity, but if any storms do threaten the United States, the highest risk for landfall will be along the Gulf Coast. 

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