Walmart to pilot window and door program

Walmart has partnered with West Shore Window & Door, a regional installer of exterior building products, at its Harrisburg, Pa., store. According to an article in Closets Daily, West Shore will open a design center in the Harrisburg store where it will display its entire product line of windows, doors, siding and garage doors. Walmart customers can get information about the products and set up appointments for in-home installation estimates, according to a company representative.

West Shore Window and Door is a family-owned company with five locations in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland. According to the article, the small business pilot program was started by Walmart to support local companies through its new sustainable initiative.


- 5:24 AM
clopay5 says

Test pilots in large retailers always seem like such a risk, but you know when retailers like Home Depot have already had success with, that the numbers are pretty safe and Wal-mart should have a lot of similar success! Good on ya.

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