Wal-Mart surpasses CFL goal

This week, Bentonville, Ark.-based Wal-Mart Stores surpassed its goal of selling 100 million compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs by the end of 2007.

“We are grateful that our customers and members have seen the economic and environmental benefits of CFLs,” said Andy Barron, Wal-Mart’s senior vp-hardlines. “With their support, we can continue to have a positive impact on the environment with energy-saving bulbs and other affordable, eco-friendly products.”

The company said the five states with the highest sales of CFLs were Texas, Florida, California, Illinois and Ohio.

The world’s largest retailer recently introduced CFLs under the house brand Great Value, and the company has participated in a variety of promotions to help spur consumer interest in the eco-friendly bulbs.

Some efforts on CFL bulbs have taken place behind the scenes -- Wal-Mart has worked with manufacturers to lower the mercury content of bulbs sold in its stores. Consumer-oriented promotions have included making more eye-level shelf space for CFLs, installing interactive displays to allow a comparison of different kinds of bulbs and offering energy savings calculators on walmart.com and samsclub.com.

“We love the CFL and see the power this product has to unite consumers in the struggle against climate change,” said Andy Ruben, Wal-Mart’s vp-strategy and sustainability.

Wal-Mart is participating in several sustainability initiatives, including plans to track energy used by suppliers of certain popular products. The company also recently announced plans to sell only concentrated liquid laundry detergents with the goal of further cutting down on waste and plastic production.

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