Wal-Mart releases sustainability report

Wal-Mart released a comprehensive report on its sustainability efforts Nov. 15, outlining the company’s initiatives to improve the environment, health care, diversity, sourcing and highlighting the work of its foundation.

The report states that Wal-Mart is committed to three main environmental sustainability categories:


• Existing stores 20 percent more efficient in seven years

• New stores 30 percent more efficient in four years

• Fleet 25 percent more efficient in three years, double in 10 years


• 25 percent reduction in solid waste in three years

• All private brand packaging improved in two years


• 20 percent of the company’s supplier base aligned with its sustainability goals in three years

• Preference given to aligned suppliers in two years

This companywide emphasis on sustainability is called "Sustainability 360." The company said that it has invested $500 million per year to reach its goals.

The report also highlights how the company plans to meet these goals, including working with suppliers to develop new technologies and manufacturing techniques and installing light emitting diodes (LED) into refrigeration displays. In May 2006, the company installed auxiliary power units (APUs) -- small, efficient diesel engines -- on all its trucks that make overnight trips. Drivers can turn off their truck engines and rely on the APUs to warm or cool the cabin and run communication systems while on breaks.

As previously reported by HCN, Wal-Mart surpassed its goal to sell 100 million compact fluorescent light bulbs by the end of 2007 earlier this year.

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