Wagner rolls out powered paint roller

The Smart SideKick is the latest in a growing line of powered paint rollers by Wagner.

Wagner SprayTech is introducing the new Smart SideKick powered roller, which feeds paint to the roller directly from the paint container (ergo, no messy paint trays).

SideKick's biggest claim to fame, however, is its ability to speed up painting jobs 

"Homeowners are looking to complete their painting projects faster," said Eric Julstrom, Wagner product manager. "So, we designed the Sidekick powered roller to help them paint large or multi-room projects fast and reclaim time they would have spent finishing the job with traditional rollers and brushes. In tests comparing the SideKick with a manual roller on similar projects, it was two times faster."

By eliminating the tray, SideKick also eliminates the need to continually dip the roller in the tray. The direct feed system is powered by a 120-volt motor and peristaltic pump, and its "Click-Attach Arm" attaches to paint containers ranging from 1 to 5 gallons in size.

Additionally, a threaded extension pole can be attached to the SideKick's handle to reach ceilings and high walls.

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