Wagner adds portable paint spray system

Wagner SprayTech FLEXiO 890

Wagner rolled out the Wagner SprayTech FLEXiO 890, an indoor/outdoor paint sprayer that takes some of the time and fatigue out of painting jobs.

The sprayer contains an X-Boost turbine in the base, which stays on the floor for a lighter, more portable user experience. It also provides tripe the power of traditional units, according to the company. This helps atomize paint for a smooth and even finish, regardless of the type of paint.

"We designed the FLEXiO 890 to make spraying less tiring over long periods of time," said Jon Beaton, Wagner product manager. "Our goal was to help consumers get their indoor or outdoor projects done quickly and with great results."

Ideal for painting broad surfaces, the patented iSpray nozzle sprays any coating and easily handles thick paints for even coverage. A Detail-Finish nozzle can also be used for small projects and detail work.

"With controls for the speed of air flow, width of the spray and fan pattern, the FLEXiO 890 can be used to paint broad interior surfaces without concern for overspray – and without the tedious effort associated with brushes or rollers. Prep work only requires basic masking," said Beaton.

Additionally, the FLEXiO 890 is 50% quieter than traditional, airless sprayers -- comparable to a hairdryer, says the company.

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