VTech conducts X-ray doorbell survey

VTech has just announced its new IS7121-2 video doorbell system, and in celebration of the product launch, it has released a new consumer survey that explores common sentiments related to front door visitations. The survey, sponsored by VTech and conducted by independent research firm Toluna, found that reliance on the doorbell has changed little since its invention in 1831 - and many long for "X-ray" capabilities.

Of the 2,000 people surveyed, 30% desire X-ray vision to apprehend visitors to their homes. Twenty-two percent like the idea of an intercom, and nearly all respondents (95%) said that they wouldn't open the door without checking to see who's there. Most of those surveyed (69%) take some sort of measure to protect their homes.

"In our work with the new VTech video doorbell system, we wanted to find out what Americans think about their doorbells and if this fixture on the front porch is still something people feel attached to," said Matt Ramage, senior vice president, product management, VTech Communications, Inc. "We saw that knowing who's at the door still provides a sense of comfort and security – while satisfying an equal desire for curiosity and convenience. As Americans embrace more digital solutions in the home, we can now take the doorbell concept a step further to accommodate all of those needs."

VTech's video doorbell system aims to address these needs with video image/streaming video capabilities that can be viewed on the home phone handset. Up to 100 photos can be stored on the handset for later viewing, and a microphone can be enabled for intercom capabilities.

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