In Vegas, Orgill demonstrates the possibilities

Orgill's model store: Four Corners Hardware & Supply.

Memphis, Tenn.-based distributor Orgill is a big believer in its model stores and their ability to inspire dealers to roll out new products and planograms. 

At this year’s Fall Market in Las Vegas, Orgill demonstrated four separate store types full of the latest in merchandise adjacenies, signage and retail ideas: Copper Canyon Hardware, Four Corners Hardware & Supply, North Lake Lumber and Frontier Farm & Hardware. 

“It’s amazing how effective and how popular the model stores are,” said Ron Beal, Orgill president. 

The four stores dominated the entrance to the Orgill Fall Market show floor, and were built adjacent to each other. One of the new twists was the Four Corners Hardware & Supply, which incorporated a rolling ladder along a high wall of industrial-focused merchandise.

The Copper Canyon Hardware store was designed as an easy-to-shop store that was welcoming to women as well as men.

Beal said the theme of the entire was, like past years, steady improvement. “We’re trying to identify new areas for our retailers to grow,” he said. “That includes maintenance and repair, female friendliness and made in USA themes.” 


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