Valspar signs deal with Maersk

Valspar has agreed to provide its Aquaguard waterborne coating for Maersk Container Industry's shipping containers via a long-term supply agreement.

“Maersk is a global leader in container-industry sustainability, and we are privileged to partner with them on this innovative coatings solution,” said Roeland Polet, Valspar SVP, Global Industrial. “This is an important step, and we proudly put our 60-plus years of waterborne coatings expertise forward as a cost-effective, sustainable solution.”

Per the agreement, Maersk will cease the use of high-VOC solvent borne coatings for shipping containers manufactured in Dongguan, China and use Aquaguard in their place. The company intends to go 100% waterborne eventually.

“We are very pleased to work with Valspar in this industry-changing effort,” said Irving A. Hultengren, managing director at MCI in Dongguan. “Our agreement with Valspar reinforces our commitment to building more sustainable containers. By using Valspar’s innovative waterborne coating system, we will help our customers and reduce the environmental footprint of our production.”

According to the company, Valspar Aquaguard reduces VOC emissions by 94%, as well as improves corrosion performance and reduces energy use.

Valspar conducted field tests for multiple years prior to qualifying, during which the company produced several dry van shipping containers with third-party manufacturers. Production is planned for sometime in 2014.

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