Valspar releases its 2014 Color Outlook

Valspar Paint has unveiled its 2014 Color Outlook, which highlights three proprietary color palettes inspired by of-the-moment trends, a return to simplicity and the theme of "redefining the home."

“In 2014, consumers will be redefining what matters and will feel a growing awareness of what’s important,” said Sue Kim, Valspar color strategist. “The Valspar 2014 Color Outlook draws on this trend, with color palettes that are inspired by how people are purposefully incorporating these redefined experiences into their daily lives.”

Zenergy is a palette made up of "serene greens and blues and cool hues that are restorative and unpretentious," exemplifying a revitalizing simplicity and minimalism.

Meanwhile, Time Traveler draws on a sense of wanderlust toward bygone cultures, folklore and tribal motifs. These colors are largely "lighter hues featuring gray undertones [that] are married with bold traditional colors."

A refelction on our increasingly customized and expressive lifestyles, Yours Truly is made up of "earthy tones, but the addition of clean greens and blues reflects new adventure and discovery."

"There is cohesion to the story of each of the trend palettes, but the strong versatility and range of the individual colors encourages experimentation and self-expression in the home as we seek to redefine in the year ahead,” continues Kim. “With options that complement every personal taste and décor style, the Valspar 2014 Color Outlook gives consumers the confidence they need during the color selection process to choose a color they will love and create a beautiful space.”

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