Universal Forest Products unveils UFP-Edge

UFP-Edge, a new line of pattern, fascia and trim products made and sold exclusively in the Western U.S., is Universal Forest Products' latest answer to demand for locally made premium profile products.

UFP affiliates have developed the lumber using modern equipment and processes and premium brite lumber, as well as knives the company grinds itself to assure minimally flawed cuts.

"UFP-Edge products are manufactured locally, so they don¹t sit in a yard where they can be exposed to the elements, nor do they go from distributioncenter to warehouse, where they can be damaged by wear and tear," said the company in a statement.

The wood products are kiln-dried to prevent swelling, warping and shrinkage. A fire-retardant treatment is also available.

"From the lumber we carefully select to the knives we grind with precision to the manufacturing and logistics processes we control, we are proud to be the purveyors of the best products on the market, period," said Joe McGuire, VP Universal Forest Products' Far West Region. "We are able to leverage our knowledge of our local markets, our relationships with our mills, and our more than six decades of manufacturing experience to bring to market products that we label as premium with confidence and that we offer to our customers with great pride."

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