Unemployment rate declines to 8.1%

The national unemployment rate fell from 8.3% to 8.1%, according to data released this morning by the Labor Department.

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 96,000 in August, less than the 127,000 or so expected by analysts.

Employment increased in food services and drinking places, in professional and technical services, and in health care.

Employment in other major industries, including mining and logging, construction, retail trade, transportation and warehousing, information, and government, showed little change over the month.

A year ago, the national unemployment rate stood at 9.1%.



- 12:43 PM
jcprez@jcind.com says

Surely you jest!! A number comes down so you claim the unemployment is down ?? 96,000 jobs were created and MORE PEOPLE STOPPED LOOKING FOR WORK. How about every one stop looking for work and go on food stamps and we can have even a lower unemployment rate!! Come now.. I expect more from Home Channel News. Don't blow smoke up you know where!! Business owners... Google the "U-6 unemployment rate" for the real picture of the economy. IT SUCKS !!

- 12:51 PM
onostrant@yahoo.com says

Pretty pathetic reporting on this data by HCN. Five sentences? Really? There is much more information behind these numbers and should be explored before stating that the unemployment situation is improving! Do a better job HCN, or there won't be any value to reading your publication. Better yet, don't report on what you clearly don't know. The unemployment numbers went DOWN because the number of people who remain unemployed lost their benefits and are no longer registering as unemployed. They gave up! Look at the job numbers. A leading economist spoke this morning saying that to just keep pace with population growth we need to add 130k jobs per month. We only added 96k last month! We are slipping backward, yet publications like yours put out there's been "improvement"! Dig deeper into the numbers and report the REAL story.

- 1:17 PM
klane says

Wow how can you write the article that unemployment fell to 8.1% without telling the rest of the story. It fell because 360,000 people quit looking for work. I respect your publication but if you are going to print things like this it should be the whole story.

- 5:05 PM
Pkrupa says

While the Unemployment rate appears to have gone down - the country saw 360,000 people drop out of the labor force which affects the unemployment calculation and why it looks like it went down. The actual percentage of poeple now considered part of the labor force compared to the toal population is at its lowest level in a generation. Additionally with only 96,000 jobs created last month it is nothing to write home about and way below what is needed to significantly impact the economy via disposable/discretionary income that drives retail sales (excluding food and fuel). So minimum wage jobs at McDonalds led the way for employment growth.

- 5:06 PM
grant.ed@sbcglobal.net says

Idon't understand how you can consider this as a positive decrease. It's only because people have dropped out of collecting and can't get any more benefits. It's a disaster as far as Washington is concerned. I was at a Union outing for Tile installers and here in CT and RI, there are no major jobs available. Unemployment is more like 12% in our state. So, please don't put something in as good news when it isn't.

- 5:24 PM
alkarraker@yahoo.com says

I wish that this report was accurate, but it is not. In fact, the only reason that the unemployment numbers are better is because fewer people are looking for employment--they have given up, and are therefore not counted. In fact, the proportion of the adult population that's either working or looking for work fell to 63.5 percent. That's the lowest level in 31 years. Clearly, there is no recovery, and the reported 'good news' is not really so.

- 6:37 PM
kclark says

The editor responds: AFTER FURTHER REVIEW, HCN.com is changing the headline to "Unemployment rate declines to 8.1%." -- K. Clark

- 11:32 AM
richbal2@yahoo.com says

The Labor Department's "Unemployment Rate" is a joke because it does not include those who've exhausted their unemployment benefits and are still looking for work and if you include those who are under-employed, say working 2 or 3 part-time jobs while looking for full time work, I suggest the true rate would approach 30%. Maybe a big layoff in the Federal Labor Department would get an accurate Unemployment Rate Calculation published.

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