UFP names a deck giveaway winner

The Desperate Deck Contest has found its winner.

Universal Forest Products has a winner in its 2014 ProWood Desperate Deck Contest, a giveaway that promised a new custom-built deck to the person with the best "desperate deck" story.

Amy Spoonhower of Gordonsville, Virginia made the most compelling case. Together with her fiance, Spoonhower bought a moldy, leaky foreclosed house and worked on the fixer-upper for four years to restore it. However, the couple ran out of energy and money before they had a chance to touch up the decks, which were in a dismal state of disrepair.

The couple will now be the recipient of a $20,000 custom-built deck made with ProWood professional grade lumber.

“I’ve worked since I was 15 years old," said Amy. "I’ve earned everything I’ve ever had in my life that’s of any value—and I’m proud of that. Getting a gift like this feels a little … peculiar. I didn’t earn it or work for it so it’s a peculiar feeling, but a wonderful feeling. It’s a huge reward. I’m still kind of in shock. I was literally shaking for a whole day.”

Curious customers will be able to receive updates on the deck, which will be posted on the ProWood Desperate Deck webpage and on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

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