Two arrested; $80,000 of merchandise recovered


Police in Macon, Ga. have arrested two men they believe are part of a shoplifting ring that targeted Home Depot and Lowe’s stores throughout the state and also in Miami, according to an article in the Macon Telegraph.

Loss prevention personnel in a Macon Home Depot called police on Jan. 26 after they suspected two men of shoplifting. Officers arrested Pablo Lorenzo, 54, of Miami, and Edelberto Opopesa, 20, of Louisville, Ky., on shoplifting charges. Officers found that Opopesa allegedly concealed about $3,000 worth of merchandise. 

A third suspect fled the scene. 

After a search of the suspects’ vehicles, the police said they found $12,000 in merchandise allegedly stolen from Home Depot and Lowe's. Upon further investigation, Home Depot has been able to link about $80,000 in  merchandise from several of its stores to a shoplifting ring involving the two men, authorities said. 


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