TW Perry thinks beyond "green"

Gaithersburg, Md.-based pro dealer TW Perry is promoting understanding of green building and environmentally friendly materials with a back-to-basics educational program.

The six-unit TW Perry has received chain-of-custody certification by both the Forest Stewardship Council and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and it recently hosted its third annual Green Building Workshop. According to CEO Michael Cassidy, as the company's green education programs grow, they will focus on product application.

"We have done a lot of education on green," said Cassidy. "The next step is how to actually use the materials correctly." 

According to Cassidy, good building technique and installation knowledge are bigger parts of the total green equation than the actual materials used.

"It's not wind turbines, and it's not solar panels, and it's not collected rain water. It's not fuel cells," he said. "It's good basic building technique. Because an incredibly well recycled, super-environmental product that's installed the wrong way will have a negative effect."

TW Perry's Mike Moore, VP materials management, said the green education is a service to its customers -- and an important service. "It's educating our customers about positioning themselves to survive," he said. "The codes are changing, and they have to adapt. Green education is about using new materials that are coming out in the right way, and it's positioning them to be a leader in their market."

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