Troy-Bilt brings Jet leaf blower to Lowe's

Troy-Bilt Jet Leaf Blower

Outdoor power equipment company Troy-Bilt introduced the Jet leaf blower that will be sold at Lowe’s stores.

The Jet uses a fan that spins at 130 m.p.h. while bringing in and pressurizing 650 cubic feet per minute of air volume.

"It's commonly thought the key measurement of a leaf blower's power and performance is miles per hour, but in actuality, it's a combination of speed and air volume," Troy-Bilt’s marketing and product management director, Aaron Hanlon, said. "A leaf blower with high speed and low volume is powerful, but only moves a small amount of debris. A product with low speed and high volume moves more debris, but without much force."

The leaf blower, which retails for $139.99, features a design to make the air intake and output line up with the fan to make a quieter engine that gets less hot.

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