Tractor Supply seeks to flex online muscle

Tractor Supply CEO Greg Sandfort borrowed phrases from trendy multichannel retailers when he recently described his company’s online strategy.

“We have to have our site geared to giving customers the options for any way they like to engage with us,“ Sandfort said during the recent Goldman Sachs investor conference. 

Sandfort said Tractor Supply, with more than 1,200 mostly rural retail stores around the country, understands that there are “hundreds” of online sources for consumers to buy the things that Tractor Supply sells. But the company has every intention to gain share and grow its online operation. 

The company’s online directive is to be an easy, 24/7 source that fulfills customers’ product needs for property ownership and animal ownership.

One interesting observation: 30% of the consumers are coming to Tractor Supply’s website from a mobile device. “That tells me they have some savviness with technology.“ 

He added: “Never underestimate the social aspect of a website.” 

“The power of the social side and how it can drive business longer term and its impression to the consumer is going to be something we all must pay attention to,” he said. “Look for us over the next few years to enhance our customer engagement, buying, shopping and researching products easer.”

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