Toro makes fuel recommendations for OPE

Toro offers fuel suggestions.

In light of the growing popularity of alternative energy sources, The Toro Company is offering fuel guidance to homeowners and contractors for outdoor power equipment, recommending an ethanol/gasoline blend no higher than E10 (10% ethanol).

Generally, the company confirmed that Toro lawn mowers and snowblowers were approved for said blends and are not designed to run on fuel containing more than 10% ethanol. Toro cautioned that use of E15, E20 or E85 could affect performance or damage the engine.

The company made the following additional recommendations for consumers:

• Use fresh fuel (less than 30 days old) to prevent water absorption;
• Purchase no more than 30 days worth of fuel at a time;
• Add fuel stabilizer as soon as you buy it;
• Unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of at least 87 is preferable; and
• The less ethanol, the better.

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