Toro, GreensPerfection form greensmower agreement

The Toro Co. has entered into an agreement with GreensPerfection to manufacture and market greensmower brushes developed by Rod Lingle, CGCS for Toro's lineup of Greensmaster walk and riding greensmowers. Under the agreement, Toro is the only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to offer Lingle's GreensPerfection brushes on its equipment.

“The new GreensPerfection brushes are an excellent addition to our greensmower line,” said Helmut Ullrich, senior marketing manager for Toro greensmowers. “It's all about playability for our customers, and the GreensPerfection brushes offer a new management tool for superintendents.”

The Toro/GreensPerfection brush offerings combine mowing and brushing into one step. The brushes work in concert with the rotating design, which causes less damage to the turf and provides more lift to the grass blades than traditional groomers. It also throws sand and debris to the front of the mower instead of into the reel to help maintain reel sharpness. 

GreensPerfection rotating brushes are currently available on all Toro Greensmaster mowers.

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