Tool King opens e-commerce system to outsiders

The company says its Facilitail E-Commerce Solution offers merchants a viable gateway to online marketplaces.

Lakewood, Colo.-based multichannel retailer Tool King made a successful transition for a brick-and-mortar retailer to online super store. Now it's exploring another frontier -- e-commerce service provider. 

“In crafting the technology we needed to expand our own company, we realized the infrastructure we created facilitates a powerful and unique online selling platform,” said Don Cohen, CEO of Tool King. 

Tool King's proprietary Facilitail E-Commerce Solution empowers small and large businesses to connect with new customers, both domestically and globally, the company says. It allows companies to sell direct to consumers without compromising wholesaler relationships. Distributors can sell direct on most major shopping sites via Tool King. After engaging with select vendors throughout 2013, Tool King is now opening its onboarding process to new potential vendors, Cohen said.

“We designed our distributor program to be win-win," Cohen said. "It’s easy to implement and we don’t charge participation fees; we only earn a profit when sales are generated.” 

Today, more than 350 active distributors offer more than 250,000 products through Tool King’s Facilitail program. Tool King also offers other services to clients, including fully managed, customized Web stores tailored to each individual company. Tool King has developed and launched more th 30 custom sites and says it plans to launch more.

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