TimberTech rolls out lighting options for decks

TimberTech LED deck lighting.

Wilmington, Ohio-based TimberTech has added three new lighting offerings for decks.

TimberTech is now offering concealed Under-Rail lights. Easily installed inside the top rail between the balusters, they are practically unseen and bring soft and warm light that shines downward keeping the bulbs from falling directly into the line of sight, according to the company.

TimberTech also developed a light that is seamlessly installed in the decking planks, In-Deck lights. Approximately one-inch in diameter, this LED light is surrounded by an Architectural Bronze finish that provides a fashionable accent.

For fully customizable and mood-setting capability, TimberTech also introduced a dimmer that allows users to adjust the brightness of the lighting system to the desired level.  

“After-market lighting products often fall short of consumer expectations and can require a lot of time to install,” said Toby Bostwick, senior product manager, TimberTech. “Our goal was to create the most appealing line of lighting that allows consumers and contractors to be as creative as possible while ensuring the products are as functional as they are stylish.” 





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