TimberTech launches 'Straight Talk' Deck Forum

TimberTech, a manufacturer of alternative decking materials, has launched an interactive Q&A platform called "Straight Talk." The new tool can be accessed at the company’s redesigned website at TimberTech.com/StraightTalk.

Questions submitted to the forum will be answered by experts and will address such issues as product costs, composite benefits over wood, deck cleaning and care, the different types of decking materials available, and other common questions about composite products. Questions will be answered in a variety of ways, including video, infographics, charts or text responses.

"There are a lot of misconceptions about composite products, including outdated information that does not reflect the current technology and materials available in decking today," said Carey Walley, VP marketing for TimberTech. "We wanted to find a way to help educate homeowners, contractors and dealers who are considering composite products by cutting through the clutter and providing straight answers to questions buyers may have. It is our desire that every customer is able to make an educated purchasing decision, whether they end up buying TimberTech or not."

TimberTech’s new site also offers improved navigation; a new organization of products the can be searched by price, color or material; a product comparison chart to help visitors choose the product that has the features and benefits they need; and an enhanced, interactive color visualizer that allows consumers to mix and match color and styles of products.

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