Three keys to Costello’s newest store

In Stores Now: Merchandising highlights from a respected Long Island retailer

Inside Costello's: clean and colorful

Located in Central Long Island, Costello’s Ace Hardware’s newest store has a commanding view of Walt Whitman Road in Melville, New York.

The award-winning, 29-store Long Island retail company (with two stores in New Jersey) has been cited by HBSDealer in recent years as a Hardware All Star, as well as an independent Retailer of the Year. And the new store in Long Island – still weeks away from its formal grand opening -- was described by manager Juan Torres as a store that has already benefited from lessons learned from other locations.

Measuring in at roughly 11,000 sq. ft., the store on a recent summer day greeted customers to a strong outdoor living mix, a bright interior, high ceilings and a full Paint Studio area stocked with Valspar, house brand Clark & Kensington, and a seating area reserved for color consultation.

On top of the traditional core categories, here are three merchandising highlights of the Melville store:

• Impulsive checkout
The store checkout area neatly funnels customers through a single-line queue flanked by low walls of impulse merchandise. (Think Best Buy or HomeGoods). Everything from snacks, to bug spray to hose nozzles to hand-held mini-vacuums shaped like a lady bug are all within easy reach near the checkout.

• Key innovation
Normally, a key cutting machine doesn’t rank as a store highlight. But the Hy-Ko KID (key identification) system has the bells and whistles to generate excitement in this area. The system knows which replacement keys match the customers’ keys, and a pick-to-light system aids in key selection and stocking.

• Custom cooler display
Reclaimed wood from pallets were used as a backdrop for the home-made Yeti cooler display. The staff cut its own corrugated metal roof and spruced it up with images of the great outdoors.

The store is open for business. It’s official grand-opening, ribbon-cutting celebration will take place Sept. 8. 

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