Thompson launches WaterSeal deck stain line

The new line of WaterSeal stains aim to protect wood better and longer.

Thompson is introducing a brand new line of deck stains. Going by the name of WaterSeal, the new waterproofing stains are now available exclusively at The Home Depot.

"From the new packaging to the formula that's inside, this line-up offers multiple innovations to help homeowners get great performance with less effort," said Mike Kozlowski,director of marketing for the Thompson's WaterSeal brand. "This is the most complete exterior stain line that we have ever offered."

WaterSeal's claim to fame is powerful waterproofing protection and a rich, saturated color.

The mildew- and UV-resistant stains also contain elastomeric polymers to help the dry stain expand and contract wih the wood during temperature fluctuations, which reduces cracking and peeling. Advanced acrylic polymers also improve resistance to scuffing and marring.

Additionally, pigment suspension technology helps keep the color evenly dispersed in the container, so it's ready to go as is on the shelf. The formula can be applied to damp wood so the project can begin soon after cleaning, which eliminates the need for a 48-hour wait period between cleaning and staining the wood.

The Transparent Stain is guaranteed for three years on horizontal surfaces like decks; the Semi-Transparent for four years; and the Solid Stain for five.

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