Temple-Inland unveils GreenGlass Tile Backer

GreenGlass Tile Backer.

Diboll, Texas-based Temple-Inland expanded its GreenGlass family of products to include a tile backer.

GreenGlass features a built-in, moisture-blocking acrylic coating that resists water penetration through its surface, plus a water-resistant gypsum core formulated to include the TemShield Mold Protection System. Faced on both sides with naturally mold- and moisture-resistant fiberglass mats, this combination has been shown to be highly mold-resistant in tests.

“GreenGlass is a premium fiberglass-faced product that delivers the strong, stable and durable substrate you expect from a glass-mat tile backer. It is SCS-certified to include at least 90% recycled content,” said Stephen Raley, VP Gypsum Products. “That level, we’re proud to say, sets a new industry standard and can make a significant contribution toward environmental certification.” 

Available in 1/4-in., 1/2-in. and 5/8-in. thicknesses, a 48-in. width and both 8-ft. and 10-ft. lengths, GreenGlass scores and snaps like traditional gypsum board and offers improved fiberglass encapsulation for easier handling over other glass mat products. It produces less dust when cut than typical cement and fiber-cement backer boards, is lighter weight, enables cleaner cuts and eliminates the need for installing a separate water-proof membrane that is often required with cement-based products. 

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