Technology: BMC will take it to go

Boise, Idaho-based BMC is rolling out mobile apps designed to turbo-charge its sales with a salesforce and operations recently armed with iPads.

One of those apps has the catchy and straightforward title: “Dude, Where’s my truck?” The app fills the need for anyone who’s ever asked the same question while tracking deliveries to a job site.

The delivery truck locator is one of a full suite of enterprise mobile apps that BMC has rolled out through a project called “BMC 2 Go.” The idea is to make employees more mobile, more productive and more effective.

“BMC 2 Go will empower our people in the field,” said Malini Balakrishnan, BMC chief information officer and VP process optimization.  “As employees visit job sites, they will be able to access data and documents — on demand — that live behind our firewall.” For instance, rather than explain to the crew how a new product easily attaches to an exterior wall, a BMC rep can pull out his iPad and show the video. Or the picture.

Balakrishnan called the effort, a partnership with tech provider Apperian, an industry first.

“BMC 2 Go is easy-to-use and will provide builders and their buyers with access to content that will allow them to visualize the finished project even as it’s under construction,” Balakrishnan said.

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