From a Tampa garage, a green product goes national

Tampa, Fla.-based entrepreneur John Wink, of Novel Ideas, has announced the national launch of EcoBorder, an environmentally friendly landscape product.

Manufactured in the United States and molded from recycled tire rubber, this landscape edging was invented in 15-year landscape Wink’s garage, after his position with Merrill Lynch ended about the time of the 2008 stock market crash. With 15 years of experience in landscaping, he invented EcoBorder out of his garage in 2009.

In its short lifetime, EcoBorder has already reused more than 200,000 tires and is projected to recycle another 4 million pounds this year. "Automobile tires can take more than 100 years to decompose in a landfill," said John Wink on the idea behind EcoBorder. "Our recycling process gives old tires a new function while providing asimple-to-install solution that looks fantastic in any yard. We are dedicated to doing our part to help preserve the planet and make our world a little more beautiful."

With no professional installation or laborious digging required, a homeowner can now achieve a stone border look in a matter of minutes, he said.

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