SYNLawn artificial grass finds space at Lowe's

A SYNLawn display at Lowe's.

Dalton, Ga.-based SYNLawn has begun selling its brand of residential synthetic grass at 463 Lowe's stores.

The new program is a continuation of a trial offering conducted in Lowe’s stores in five states earlier this year.  SYNLawn will provide rolls of synthetic turf in the most popular sizes, along with basic installation tools for Lowe’s customers who need smaller amounts of turf and want to install it themselves.

About 355 stores will offer special order service kiosks at which customers can order custom-cut pieces for specific projects.  Lowe’s stores in 120 locations will offer stock rolls of SYNLawn’s realistic synthetic turf.  In addition, 160 locations will offer installation services for customers who need a helping hand, according to SYNLawn. 

The program offers three pre-cut and pre-packaged sizes offering flexibility for design. Those sizes are 3 ft. by 11 ft., 5 ft. by 7.5 ft., and 7.5 ft. by 11 ft. These pre-cut pieces of synthetic turf can be used for a variety of projects ranging from landscaping areas, pet areas, play areas, common areas, garages, basements, roof decks and outdoor patios. Costs for the stock rolls will range from $130 to $300.

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