Sylvania LED bulbs to appear at Menards

Osram Sylvania released new LED bulbs at Menards stores on Oct. 11, according to an announcement from the Danvers, Mass., manufacturer. Part of the “Ultra LED” A line, the omnidirectional bulbs are available in two wattages. The 8W is equivalent to the 40W incandescent, and the 13.5W is equivalent to the 60W incandescent. The Ultra LED BR 30 and BR 40 are replacements for the equivalent 65W incandescent models.

Phil Rioux, general manager of Consumer Lighting LED Retrofits at Osram Sylvania, noted that the lighting company’s annual consumer survey showed that LED adoption grew to nearly one household in ten (9%), with 81% of Americans reporting they have heard of LED bulbs.

“We anticipate more consumers to adopt LED lighting into their homes as the phaseout approaches," Rioux said.


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