Sunrun and celebrity teammates double down on connected home

The Property Brothers have not slowed down since the Hardware Show.

In an effort to boost awareness of connected home and its widereaching influence, San Francisco-based solar company Sunrun is partnering up with home design expert Genvieve Gorder, as well as Drew and Jonathan Scott of Property Brothers fame.

Their thesis? That the rise of smart home technology is making its mark not just on energy consumption and functionality, but also home design and property value. The informed homeowner can use this to his advantage, whether that means building more equity or simply optimizing his home.

"Today, we find ourselves making dinner from a recipe on our tablets and measuring our heart rate and footsteps with a bracelet," said Gorder. "Cultural and societal shifts have shaped style trends for decades, and this is no exception. We will see connected technology continue to play a significant role in how we style and design the spaces around us. I'm so excited to be joining Sunrun to inspire everyone to make simple changes to create a sleeker, 'smarter' home."

There are also potential prizes involved. Through July 11, homeowners can put their names in the drawing for a chance to meet Gorder or the Scott brothers for a one-on-one home design consultation.

"The value of your home is influenced by a variety of factors, both inside and outside," said Jonathan Scott. "My brother and I are joining Sunrun this summer to show homeowners how easy improvements can also save you money or increase your home's value. As an example, one thing to consider with the connected technology movement is all that needs to plug in and charge!"

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