Summer forecast: 60% of homeowners plan home improvement projects

As summer officially kicks off this Friday, Zillow Digs has released its Summer Home Improvement Trend and Spending Survey, spotlighting the 60% of homeowners who plan home improvement projects this season, with a median budget of $1,200.

According to the company, more homeowners are planning to invest time and resources into their surroundings due to scant housing inventory and trouble with mortgages.

Among the other findings was a strong indication that natural elements and glass features are trending at the moment. Forty percent of survey respondents planned outdoor projects, while 17% planned bathroom renovations. Based on company data, homeowners are leaning toward natural looks (such as stone fireplaces) and open, airy looks in the bathroom (with glass tiles and shower enclosures).

Additionally, the survey found that young homeowners and those with children were significantly more likely to be planning home improvement projects. Seventy-one percent of those between the ages of 18 and 34 were planning work this summer, compared with 61% of 35 to 54 year olds. Homes with children were 8% more likely to plan projects.

A separate survey by Harris Interactive found that consumers in the younger age range (18 to 34) were also three times more likely than their older counterparts to hire professional landscaping services. With spending in this area expected to increase among all homeowners by $620, the findings are consistent with the Zillow's home improvement outlook, which prominently features outdoor renovations.


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davidlogan says

One of the most frustrating thing is going for Home improvement, as it really requires patience, time and money a lot. The survey above is telling that people are now more inclined towards it and are ready for a change.

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