In Stores Now: Lowe’s Googles it

The Lowe’s smart home merchandise mix offers more than just the Iris platform

The Google Home voice-activated speaker.

The Iris Smart Hub continues to be the heart of Lowe’s Iris network. And the Iris network has for years been the heart of Lowe’s smart home offering. But the Mooresville, N.C.-based home improvement giant has made room for more options in the connected-home space.

At an Idaho store this summer, three highly visible endcaps stood three in a row in the front of the store. The endcaps told three different smart-home stories with three different brands – Iris (of course), Nest, and Google.

The Iris endcap explains the value of Wireless DIY security. Nest highlighted its new Nest Cam Outdoor with the phrase: “Security has never looked so good.”

The most focused of the three endcaps belonged to Google’s Google Home Voice-activated speaker. Reminiscent of the white-space-rich Google home page, the endcap was as close to clutter-free as can be found in a retail environment. One speaker – and only one speaker – sat in the middle of the display, surrounded by simple messages and a lot of white space.  

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