Stihl's new mower is charged with features

The company's Lightning Battery System strikes again for quick lawn maintenance.

Stihl Inc. is a brand best known for its chainsaws, it's gasoline-powered handheld equipment and its policy of distribution to independent dealers. More recently, the company is leading a charge in battery-power, with its Stihl Lightning Battery System.

A new lawn mower introduced this spring is the third iteration of batter-powered Stihl lawn mowers, and it promises the ability to cover more lawn in less time.The sweet spot for the Stihl RMA 510 is small to medium-sized suburban yards.

The mower, with its 21-inch deck, can cut up to 5,100 square feet of lawn on a single charge. It also includes a clever holding slot for a second battery, so users can swap in a charged battery in a few seconds. The mower features a commercial-grade 1,100-Watt brushless electric motor with ECO Mode.  One of the advancements of the RMA 510 is its ability to detect thick rough, and act accordingly.

"The mower can automatically reduce power when mowing through light grass and adjusts to full power in taller grass, which helps to conserve and extend battery life.

The product carries an MSRP of $320 without the battery and charger, and $550 fully loaded. 

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