Starborn touts Trex approval

Starborn's Deckfast system.

Edison, New Jersey-based fastener manufacturer and distributor Starborn Industries announced its Deckfast Fascia System is now an approved fastener option for Trex composite deck fascia profiles.

Trex issued updated installation guidelines including the Deckfast as an approved fastener. 

These guidelines also feature specific instructions that allow builders to use fewer screws when installing fascia with Starborn’s Fascia System compared to installations with standard composite deck screws. 

For installations near water, Trex recommends the use of Starborn’s Headcote stainless Fascia Screws. Finally, Trex instructions note that use of an adhesive to attach fascia boards to the rim joist, while recommended with standard composite screws as a secondary fastening system, is not required with the Deckfast Fascia System. 

“Starborn always focuses on providing deck fastening solutions that address the real-world needs of deck builders,” said Starborn’s Steven Gertner. “The Fascia System is a perfect example of this: it gives builders the means to directly improve the quality and efficiency of their work, while reducing the possibility of callbacks.”

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