Stanley sharpens its utility blade offering

Stanley's new blade.

Stanley introduced a new carbide utility blade that it says lasts more than five times longer than competing blades.

The key to the product is Carbide Blade Technology, which provides increased blade life, maintains first-cut sharpness and offers snap resistance.

“The introduction of the new Stanley Carbide blades represents a strong commitment to innovation that began with extensive field research with professional contractors who rely on our products every day,” said Bob Scillia, leader of Stanley’s Cutting & Clamping Business Unit. “By lasting significantly longer than other blades on the market, we’re confident our new utility blades will meet contractors’ needs and lead to greater productivity on the job site.”

Stanley’s Carbide Utility Blades are uniquely manufactured by way of a patent-pending process that uses high-powered laser technology to deposit tungsten carbide powder onto the edge of every blade. 

Diamond wheels are then used to grind a sharp finished angle on each Carbide blade. This high-speed process creates a durable and long-lasting edge while maintaining a flexible steel blade body.  

The blades are expected to retail in packs of five (11-800) for approximately $4.99, packs of 10 (11-800T) for $7.99, and packs of 50 (11-800L) for $24.99. 

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