Social networking strategies may be age specific

Not surprisingly, there’s a big gulf between the under-35 and over-35 age group when it comes to using technology to make purchasing decisions, according to a recent survey by Today Info Retail, an Atlanta-based strategy and design agency. But while both groups have integrated technology into their shopping habits, 54% of all 18-34 year olds surveyed have used Facebook as an information source in shopping, compared to only 15% of those 35 and older. Similarly, 35% of the younger age group used mobile devices, versus 12% of the older consumers.

With respect to social media, the 18 to 34 age group used Facebook for shopping information,  significantly more than other social technologies: 64% for Facebook vs.17% for Twitter and approximately 8% for Pinterest.

On the issue of touchpoint integraton between brands, retailers, and manufacturers, older consumers were much more likely to rate their shopping experiences as “seamless” or “good” than younger respondents. The Millennials (ages 8-35) felt that the integration needed improvement.

“Younger shoppers have higher expectations for touchpoint integration. There’s a big gap between the expectations of younger and older adult shoppers,” said Florian Vollmer, senior VP and principle of Info Retail. “These have to be managed to create a successful experience.”


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