A sneak peek at DeWalt's new product lineup

DeWalt has entered the pocket knife market.

DeWalt is back this season with a bevy of new tools designed to tackle common pain points around the job sitie, including several new products just released this summer.

One of these includes the first-ever pocket knife from DeWalt, a folding model featuring a stainless steel blade that's designed for on-the-job tasks like removing strapping from lumber. The knife, which features a combination straight and serrated edge, hit shelves this July.

DeWalt's new Folding Auto-Load Knife saves time on the job by automatically loading a new blade when one dulls -- contractors can simply press the blade release button and click the new blade into place. The Auto-Load Knife can store up to three blades at a time.

Also new to the market is a new lineup of flexible hand saws designed for use in tight spaces, including a Double Edge Pull Saw, Flush Cut Backsaw and Single Edge Pull Saw.

Meanwhile, the new Multi-Level Wrokshop provides 22.5 gallons of storage space and 90 pounds of load capacity for heavy-duty transport. The four-level, mobile workstation sits on top of durable 8-inch rubber wheels that can stand up to rough terrain.

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