Snavely stocks up on Eastman's acetylated wood

As it seeks to develop a line of high-performance acetylated wood for decking and other uses, Pittsburgh-based Snavely Forest Products agreed to purchase all remaining acetylated wood left over from Eastman's discontinued Perennial Wood line. 

The purchase will serve as "transitional stock" for Snavely, as it moves to secure a new manufacturer of the product. 

Eastman's recent decision to discontinue its Perennial Wood products led Snavely to two questions, according to VP Marketing Clark Spitzer: "Who else can produce this game-changing product, and how do we continue to supply and support our stocking customers while we finalize future production?"

Snavely Forest Products had been actively marketing Perennial Wood, acetylated wood products, with launches in North and South Carolina in 2012 and Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware in 2013. The last two years "were exciting and formative years for acetylated wood at Snavely, and securing stock to guarantee continued supply allows us to make the best move for our customers," Spitzer said.

Much of the inventory purchased by Snavely from Eastman carries the Perennial Wood brand, and will carry the Perennial warranty from Eastman, which described the product as "modified" wood, as opposed to "treated" wood.

"Acetylated wood has filled a large gap in our markets particularly in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic," said Bryan Kirit, general manger of Snavely Forest Products in Greensboro, N.C. "Our customers' main concern at the time of [Eastman's] announcement was near future availability and whether Snavely could keep up with demand during our transition to a new manufacturer. This stock will provide the relief our customers need."

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