Smart Electric turns to Kickstarter to fund its bright idea

Smart Electric is proposing a solution to the problem of bedtime jitters and energy inefficiency with its Smart Bulb collection of innovative lighting products. To fund the manufacturing and marketing of this first-ever line of consumer products, the company has launched a Kickstarter campaign.

The bulbs contain computer chips that are programmed to perform simple tasks, such as fading to a night light level over the course of 20 minutes to ease young children to sleep. In addition to the Smart Bulb Dimming Night Light, the collection includes the Smart Bulb Emergency Flasher (which can alerty energy responders, party guests or delivery professionals to a location); Smart Bulb 4-Level Dimmer (which features four lighting levels); Smart Bulb 10-Minute and 30-Minute Auto Offs (which turn bulbs off automatically when they're not in use); and the Smart Bulb Cycle Timer (which can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times throughout the day).

"After generations of using traditional 'dumb' light bulbs that were limited in functionality and hiring electricians for custom installations, our team developed technology that delivers lighting solutions for consumers without the need for expensive remote dimmers and timers," said Smart Electric president and CEO Stan Angelo.

The bulbs, which are coated and shatter-resistant, fit standard base sockets and are designed to outlast standard bulbs by two or three times.

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