Single-serve coffee machines gaining traction

Although automatic drip coffee makers tend to be the most popular choice for U.S. households, single-serve machines (also known as pod or capsule coffee makers) are growing in popularity, according to a study by the NPD Group. 

Key findings of “What’s Brewing in the Coffee Industry: The Impact of Single-Serve,” a survey completed in May 2012, show that 57% of U.S. households having an automatic drip machine. Pod/capsule machines are owned by 14% of households, while espresso makers, percolators and French presses own even smaller corners of the market (7%, 6% and 5%, respectively). 

Overall, automatic drip makers are most likely to be chosen as the primary brewer in the home. However, compared with what was being used previously, pod/capsule systems are making significant gains, increasing their share from 5% of households using a pod/capsule machine as their primary brewer in the past to 18% currently.

Most brewers are being used, with very few sitting dormant. The most used brewer is the pod/capsule brewing system, with 96% of the systems owned being used either by members of the household or by guests. 

Almost all users are very satisfied with their machines -- 86% of automatic drip users and 90% of pod/capsule users’ state as much. However, pod/capsule users are extremely satisfied with their machines (57% versus 40% for automatic drip).

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