Simpson Strong-Tie launches new component system

Simpson Strong-Tie has just introduced its Integrated Component Systems for roof and floor trusses and wall panels, along with a full line of code-listed truss connector plates.

The Integrated Component Systems line includes Simpson Strong-Tie Component Solutions software, a program providing manufacturers with the tools they need to design and manufacture trusses. Within the software, designers can model structures in an intuitive 3-D environment, create and optimize truss and panel designs, send truss design information to Simpson Strong-Tie for engineering seals and more. The company is working closely with users to expand functionality of the software on an ongoing basis.

Simpson Strong-Tie is also producing a new line of truss connector plates with some of the highest loads in the industry. Code listings for truss plate products include ICC-ES ESR-2762, Florida FL10495, and CCMC 13326-L and 13418-L.

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