Sherwin-Williams survey sees painting as top job

To kick off National Painting Week, Sherwin-Williams is releasing the findings of its National Home Design and Color Survey, which found that painting tops the list of planned home improvement projects for U.S. homeowners.

The vast majority of those surveyed -- 70% -- plan to undertake some kind of house-related project in the next six months, according to Sherwin-Williams.

Of those planning projects, 42% plan to paint, 39% intend to landscape and 30% are simply thinking about redecorating.

Additionally, nearly two-in-three respondents said they would like to add more color in their home, especially in the living/family room (25%), bedroom (24%) and bathroom (17%). The majority of men surveyed were inclined to add color (58%).

Among the color palettes most favored by homeowners, warm neutrals were most popular (32%), followed by cool neutrals (25%). Younger homeowners (aged 18 to 34) gravitate toward rich and dark colors (23%), with those 65 and older preferring soft and light shades (35%).

Finally, the vast majority (64%) say they are confident handling an exterior project on their own. Men were most comfortable with painting doors (45%), fences (38%) and decks (37%). Most women (60%) said they were comfortable doing outdoor painting projects, especially doors (38%) and trim/shutters (29%).

In honor of National Painting Week, Sherwin-Williams is also publishing design inspiration and painting tips on its Painting Week website.

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